Hotel Introduction

    Golden Bay Holiday hotel belongs to the Golden tourism group, composed of the Golden tourism Group wholly-owned building, according to the national standard of four star hotel design,Set of rooms, catering, accommodation, conference, entertainment, shopping, art display in one of the foreign-related business Resort Hotel shopping.
    Culture of:
    Painting and Calligraphy Institute has a large Museum, exhibition hall, conference room, collections of the famous works all over the country.

    Food & Beverage:
    4 Dining room can accommodate 800 people dining. Guests can enjoy different flavors of food, in addition to the mess hall, 7 VIP rooms to meet the different needs of the guests; the size of the Grand Ballroom can according to the different needs of guests to provide a variety of banquet, conference, business and other services.


    The hotel provides abundant of entertainment facilities, chess room, lavipeditum, snooker, sand arc of the ball, beauty salons and other entertainment projects.